Chelsea Pfau

My Event: Olympic Challenge
My Team: Team BD
My ID: 34680
Lifetime Raise: $665.0000

$315 Raised
$300 Commitment

Why I Participate:

Hi, I'm Chelsea-- a local San Diego biochemist. I will ride this year with Team BD, alongside colleagues from my workplace, living our motto that there is a patient at the end of everything we do. I'm honored and excited to ride again. Last year I rode with the March for Science team because I was inspired by the unity of twenty thousand people supporting science at the march in April. As one of the organizers for the event, I felt an obligation and an opportunity to promote science in a tangible way. I also have an important personal connection to the cause.

Just a few years ago, one of the people I love most, my aunt Amy, was diagnosed with breast cancer. I watched her suffer through treatment, including a double mastectomy procedure. That day, I loaded a bouquet of flowers onto my bike and rode to the hospital. Holding her hand in the recovery room, I watched as this woman, whom I have always seen as a tremendous example of feminine strength, reduced to tears. She told me she could feel ghost breasts, even though they had been completely removed from her body.
In the years that followed, Amy bounced back quickly, immediately continuing to care for her family, her husband and my young cousin, with a new emphasis on her own health. I visited her at home and made green smoothies for breakfast, admiring her resilience and strength. An experienced psychologist, she has always been a great example of self-care, but it has been incredible to watch her transform through this and become even better in innumerable ways. I have admired her my entire life, but I have never wanted to emulate her qualities as much as I do now.
Today, she jokes about never having to wear a bra. She is the same gentle, kindhearted good listener she has always been, with a new tenacity below the surface. You can feel it when you look at her.

I ride because I carry Amy's strength with me, in my heart. I ride because I know there can be more survivors like her. I ride because I know that without science and modern technology, Amy's outcome could have been much different. I ride because I am inspired by the San Diego community, and by our capacity to create a world without cancer. We have a unique setup here in SD: brilliant minds and amazing technology, committed to developing cures for these diseases. I ride because I believe we can achieve our mission: to create a world without cancer.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Let's finish this!

My Donations:

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Jenalyn Truong
Sophia Phim
Nader Batal
Josť Vega
Kim Freight
Kim Hoang
Chelsea Pfau
John Fischer

Important Padres Pedal Dates:

Saturday, Sept 1, 2018

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Saturday, Nov 17, 2018

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Saturday, Dec 8, 2018

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