Diane Hyat

My Event: Olympic Challenge
My Team: Bill's Angels
My ID: 41
Lifetime Raise: $5500.0000

$700 Raised
$750 Commitment

Why I Participate:

I participate in Pedal the Cause because I am an avid cyclist and triathlete and I want to use my ability to raise funds to support clinical research in San Diego. I have been praised on my accomplishments in racing, but I believe waking up healthy and happy to train for an Ironman race pales greatly to lining up on the start line every morning to fight cancer.

I have been involved with Pedal the Cause from the beginning. My dear family friends, Amy and Bill Koman, started the foundation after Bill?s two bouts with Lymphoma. They have been involved in many community and philanthropic causes and now focus on raising money for cancer research. They have succeeded in raising $20 million plus to date.

In 2008, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. Due to her age and health condition, she was not a candidate for chemo. At first, I was devastated to find we could not continue the current treatments until the oncologist explained there were new and exciting advances in personalized medicine discovered locally. The treatments are available, but not cost effective. My mom was a lucky patient who qualified to participate in a study at UCSD. She took an experimental treatment that boosts the immune system and allows the body to fight the cancer instead of using radiation and chemo that often breaks it down. She responded favorably to the treatment and I believe the extra care and protocol she received at UCSD is the reason why she was with us for many years after her diagnosis. This is the reason why I?m so passionate about Pedal the Cause.

What I love about this organization is that all the funds raised stay locally to benefit organizations that help advance the amazing research and discoveries that occur in San Diego each year. We have a unique opportunity to make a difference. We are home to several NCI National Designated Cancer Centers: UCSD, Salk Institute, Sanford Burnham Prebys and Rady Children's Hospital, creating a formal collaboration called the C3 to leverage their distinct and combined talents.

I am asking you to either sign up for Pedal the Cause or make a donation to my ride to help others. Any donation, no matter how small or large, will make a difference. Research is needed to help make these treatments available to everyone and research dollars are needed fill in the gaps so more people can recover and go on living their lives to the fullest!

I hope we will find a cure during our generation.
Diane Hyat

My Donations:

John & Carole Sanders
Diane Hyat

Important Padres Pedal Dates:

Saturday, Sept 1, 2018

Deadline to Commit to Incentive Levels to receive custom apparel by Nov. 17

Saturday, Nov 17, 2018

Event Day

Saturday, Dec 8, 2018

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