Jamie Simon

My Event: Olympic Challenge
My Team: Team SCC- Salk Cancer Center Team
My ID: 5500
Lifetime Raise: $6,173

$250 Raised in 2019
$750 Commitment

Why I Participate:

Surprise! I?m doing it again. Riding for Padres Pedal the Cause San Diego to raise funds for cancer research at the 3 NIH NCI-Cancer Centers in San Diego, one of which is the Salk Institute for Biological Research, where my wife, Suzanne and I USED to work. We?ve retired, but not from this event. You have been kind enough to support my rides. This year I will ride a mere 55 miles. While I am obviously getting old and lazy, cancer isn't. It's always new and aggressive and ready to take our loved ones. Help us save some of them and one day put an end to bag of diseases that afflict 1 in 4 people in their lifetime - that includes you and me.

Last year Pedal the Cause San Diego raised $2,031,969 to fund innovative and life-saving cancer research that will stay here in San Diego. Team Salk raised $23,652 and received $250,000 back for grants to Salk scientists. We leveraged your donations by a factor of 10! Let's do it again. But I need you to do that while I ride, so would you like to join me again and donate?

I have committed to raise $1750 for cancer research. Please help me on this journey to fund research for a cure by donating to my ride on Team SCC (Team Salk Cancer Center).

We seek the answers to the questions that lead to the cures.

In 1974 I graduated from UCSD and rushed across the street to the Salk Institute where I took a position in the Tumor Virology Laboratory (TVL). I am still working at the Salk Institute 43 years later. My wife, Suzanne, also began working as a lab assistant in TVL at the Salk in 1974 and is now the Salk Cancer Center Scientific Administrator. We have seen cancer research progress from trying to understand the underlying mechanisms of cell growth that lead to cancer, a monumental task in itself, to being able to manipulate some of these processes to defeat some cancers. But cancer is a single word describing a host of genetic and molecular disorders. The more we learn the more we know how much more there is to learn but the road map to success becomes clearer each day. To find the cures we need to keep the knowledge coming, which means we need to fund the research.

Team SCC rides hoping our commitment to the science will inspire you to support us. Your donations help to continue the research that will lead to a world without cancer.

My Donations:

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Jamie Simon

Important Padres Pedal Dates:

Sunday, Sept. 1, 2019

Deadline to Commit to Incentive Levels to receive custom apparel by Nov. 16

Saturday, Nov. 16, 2019

Event Day

Saturday, Dec. 7, 2019

Fundraising Deadline

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100% of the donations raised by Padres Pedal the Cause stay in San Diego to fund life-saving cancer research projects. Learn more by clicking below.

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