Team Rady Children's

Beneficiary-Affiliated Team
Team ID: 14811
Team Captain: Lauren Neiman
82 Members: 63 riders, 4 virtual riders, 15 volunteers
Members: Clarissa Andorfer-Lopez, Roberto Angulo, JIM BENEDICT, Denise Betz, Jonas Bimshas, Katiana Bimshas, Brig Black, Jeffrey Brown, Lindsey Buck, Robert Cerasoli, Sarah Cooper, Alexia Cordero, Josephine Cordero, Tommy Davidson, Shawn Davis, Kaye de Lancey, Amy Durazo, Kristina Elliott, Steve Elliott, Tanya Eraca, Jerel Eubanks, Paul Fasching, Benjamin Fonseca, Assyiah George, Julia Gibbons, Rich & Julia Gibbons, Ian Gill, Gary Gist, Kristin Gist, Mike Gormley, Mike Gunn, Camden Hall, peter hall, Scott Hall, Grace Hammack, Jennifer Hammack, Jim Harley, Carrina Harms, Alvin Hashiguchi, Marla Hashiguchi, Addison Henssler, Lauryn Henssler, Bruce Herron, Stephen Jennings, Kourtney King, Karen Kosch-Bimshas, Dennis Kuo, Sarah Lewis, Steve Lewis, VInce LI, Adam Loew, Paige Maddux, Chris Martin, Elizabeth Martin, Karla Moore, Mia Moore, Lauren Neiman, Colin Ogden, Bill Perkins, Joey Principato, Ray Randall, Andy Richardson, Carly Rickard, Wiliam Roberts, Debashis Sahoo, Monica Sberna, Robert Schlachter, Hollis Sohn, Tom Sohn, Jeanie Spies, Alicia Stickle, Maura Stickle, Alan Talampas, Christian Tresse, Thomas Van Betten, Randy Veenstra, Dale Watkins, Michelle Williams, Stephen Williams, Cara Young, Peter Zage, Andrew Zimmerman
We've raised: $39,055.52
Lifetime Raise: $225747.5200

Why We Ride:

In our third year, we are fighting against cancer by participating in Padres Pedal the Cause on November 11 & 12 , 2017.

The Peckham Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Rady Children's Hospital-San Diego provides outstanding specialized cancer treatment and hematology services, including blood and bone marrow transplant.

We ride in honor of the past and present Ride for a Child patients, as well as all the patients and family members affected by cancer at Rady Children's. Last year, our Peckham Center cared for 279 newly diagnosed cancer patients, attended to 13,929 patient visits, and performed 19 stem cell (blood and marrow) transplants. The Center is a leader in clinical research, giving children and families the best hope for a cure.

Our Donations:

The Ehman Family
Crust Pizzeria
Chris Tresse

Important Padres Dates:

Tuesday, Aug 1 2017

Early Bird Deadline

Friday, Sep 1 2017

Deadline to Commit to Incentive Levels

Saturday, Nov 11 2017

Padres Pedal Event Weekend

Wednesday, Dec 20 2017

Fundraising Deadline

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100% Model info

100% of your tax-deductible donation will go towards funding life-saving cancer research at our beneficiary institutions. For more information on donations and Tax ID number, please visit our FAQs.


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