Team BD

Corporate Challenge Team
Team ID: 23714
Team Captain: Katie House
Debra Jackson
91 Members: 82 riders, 5 5Ks, 4 volunteers
Members: Ryan Ambrose, Cori Andrews-McMullen, Paul Bain, Tony Balsamo, Eileen banaga, Hermie Banaga, Carrie Beaulieu, Celeste Branscomb, Steve Buhk, Alicia Castellanos, Kevin Chau, Dee Chen, Amelia Chu, Mike Cooper, Mary Cormier, Basilides Cruz, Nate Curtis, Christopher Dauser, Robert Davis, Joy DeKalb, Shawn DeKalb, James Dieckman, Julie Do, Edgar Esquerra, Magnus Felke, Teri Fenner, Michael Fiechtner, John Fischer, Denise Fletcher, Trace Funderburk, Steve Goldman, Pete Heffron, Mariana Hernandez, Brendon Hill, Jack Hill, Vivi Hill, Whitney Hill, Daniel Ho, Chad Hollister, Corey Hollister, Sylvia Hon, Katie House, Debra Jackson, Francisco Jazo, Don Jones, Ashley Juavinett, Ron Kao, Beth Lorden, Daniel Lorden, Mani Mahfoozi, Gabe Mainz, Arun Malhotra, Mondy Marcelino, Jason Megraw, ALEJANDRO MONTOYA, Gus Moosavi, Matias Negatu, Tram Nguyen, Vuong Nguyen, Roopa Nimmagadda, Emilio Parra, Delia Pearsons, Robert Pearsons, Edgar Perez, Dan Pettus, Chelsea Pfau, Holly Phommasakha, Erika Pollner, Ahm Qutubuddin, Ronald Ramirez, Theresa Ramirez, Steve Roberts, Daman Sahota, Gina Schneider, Wilson Seto, Mark Shaw, Terry Shepard, Michael Sieniarecki, Aldo Silva, Corey Stewart, Jim Thibault, Benjamin Throesch, Eric Totong, Anne Tuttle, Thomas Utech, Tony Valdiconza, Salvador Villegas, Anne Maria Viola, Warren Weiberg, Jamey Winton, Christina Yip
We've raised: $13,225
Lifetime Raise: $404352.2300

Why We Participate:

This is our sixth year joining the fight against cancer as a Corporate Sponsor of Pedal the Cause. During months leading up to the Sat, Nov 17th event, Team BD participants will raise funds to support cancer research and invest many hours training for their chosen activities to help increase awareness about the cause.

Pedal the Cause has the mission of providing funding for cancer research at UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center, Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, Salk Institute for Biological Studies, and Rady Children's Hospital-San Diego through their annual fitness fundraiser in hopes that the collaborative research funded by this event will ultimately lead to a cure for cancer.

Please help us in our effort to raise money for Padres Pedal the Cause by making a donation to our team. 100% of all proceeds STAY in San Diego and will be allocated directly to cancer research.

Our Donations:

We don't have any general team donations yet. Click here to help start our fundraising efforts.

Important Padres Pedal Dates:

Saturday, Sept 1, 2018

Deadline to Commit to Incentive Levels to receive custom apparel by Nov. 17

Saturday, Nov 17, 2018

Event Day

Saturday, Dec 1, 2018

Fundraising Deadline

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Our impact

100% of the donations raised by Padres Pedal the Cause stay in San Diego to fund life-saving cancer research projects. Learn more by clicking below.

Our Impact

How to get involved

Not yet registered? Click below to learn more on how to become involved. Ride, run, walk, spin or volunteer - everyone can participate and join the fight against cancer.

How to Participate