Bill's Angels

Friends and Family Team
Team ID: 66
Team Captain: Amy Koman
Denise Hawkinson
Ommid Asbaghi
Julie Klaus
119 Members: 109 riders, 9 virtual riders, 1 volunteer
Members: Sarah Aghassi, Lily Albaisa, Soledad Albino, Lisa Allen, Susan Allred, Ommid Asbaghi, Sara Asher, Sawsan Atiya, Sheila Attari, Simi Balter, Holly Bauer, Doris Bergum, Rocio Bernalflynn, Nancy Borrelli, Torie Borrelli, Carolin Botzenhardt, Maegan Bower, Katie Brown, Jody Burke, Carrie Butler, Linda Buznitsky, KIMBERLY CACCAVO, Katherine Chapin, Deborah Cipriano, Emelie Claxton, Andrea Coad, Lori Conger, Karen Creelman, Michelle Dastyck, Kate Deering, Ginny Duke, Molly Edwards, Shahri Estakhry, Tara Ferrone, Sally Fleck, Laurie Frakes, Lani Freymiller, Kelly Friis, Julie Gilchrist, Susan Glockner, Katya Glotova, Wendy Green, Alma Harb, Denise Hawkinson, Carlie Headapohl, Lori Heitman, Alex Hemerick, Arleen Hessekiel, Deniz High, Yvonne Hildebrand, Marie Hiraoka, Kim Howard, Jill Indovino, Elizabeth Ingulli, Negin Iranfar, Pia Jensen, Julie Klaus, Amy Koman, Stephanie Kourie, Barbara Kyrillos, Maria Ledford, Jennier Levine, Jackie Lewis, holly lewry, Afsaneh Loghman, Genta Luddy, Genny Mahmud, Connie Malloy, Joanne Marks, Susanne Marx, susan mckenna, Julie McPherson, Suzanne Mikolajewski, Kim Miller, Kim Morrison, Deborah Moser, Caroline Mossy, Sandy Mossy, Dana Mueller, Jenny Pace, Emily Palmer, Ingrid Pardee, Julie Pardee, Melinda Paris, Stacey Pennington, Elizabeth Phillips, Connie Pittard, Shirin Raiszadeh, Amy Repetti, Ashley Roberts, Linda Robertson, Elizabeth Roemer, Tammy Rooke, Tracey Ross, Nika Samimi, Beth Saunders, Heather Schmitt, Jennifer Schwarz, Dorothy Sears, Melissa Seipel, Sogol Shakibi-Tassoudji, Denise Simmons, Kate Sinclair, Ann Smith, Jan Solomon, Kim Stebbins, Haleh Tayebi, surinder tayebi, Nicola Taylor, Deborah Torbati, Susan Trompeter, Elyssa Watkins, Deanna Weeks, Suzy Weiser, Sally Welly, Alexis Willingham, SHERRY WINSLOW, Krista Young, Cynthia Zeigler
We've raised: $77,568.68
Lifetime Raise: $673635.0600

Why We Ride:

Welcome to Bills Angels - one of the definitions of an angel is "a person who is very good, kind or beautiful". Bills Angels started as a group of friends who were supporting me (Amy) and my very young girls, while my husband Bill was being treated for a very serious lymphoma cancer diagnosis. Little did I know then, that several years later, I could say that I have recruited around 200 women and raised over a million dollars for cancer research. Passion and love does amazing brings people from all walks of life together for a common good.

In Padres Pedal, Bills Angels ride to support and honor all of those who have battled cancer. Cancer touches each of us and we are dedicated to helping fund the newest and best research by providing researchers and physicians at Moores Cancer Center, Salk Institute, Sanford Burnam and Rady's Children Hospital with the funds to architect a cure. With the model of Padres Pedal being 100% underwritten, every dollars that we raise funds impressive grants that are preventing and curing many forms of cancer.

Join us November 11th and 12th, and participate in this important movement!! Bills Angels will be out in full force again. It is because of our beautiful angels, that Pedal continues to be "good and kind" to those in need.

"Giving frees us from the familiar territory of our own needs by opening our mind to the unexplained worlds occupied by the needs of others.". Join our Bills Angels and Padres Pedal movement.

Our Donations:

Graced by Grit
The Swanson Family
Nora Shoen

Important Padres Dates:

Tuesday, Aug 1 2017

Early Bird Deadline

Friday, Sep 1 2017

Deadline to Commit to Incentive Levels

Saturday, Nov 11 2017

Padres Pedal Event Weekend

Wednesday, Dec 20 2017

Fundraising Deadline

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100% Model info

100% of your tax-deductible donation will go towards funding life-saving cancer research at our beneficiary institutions. For more information on donations and Tax ID number, please visit our FAQs.


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